Aluminum Cladding Products & Building Materials Toronto & GTA

Alumax Panel offers aluminum cladding products and building materials in Toronto and in the GTA. The properties of aluminum composite materials and it being cost-effective is what makes it a suitable material for building construction. There are many reasons that make aluminum cladding building products ideal for building material use, such as air tightness, high strength to weight ratio, ease of fabrication and assembly and many more. 

Aluminum composite building materials are widely used in modern buildings with different architectural designs to provide better appearance, along with environmental protection in both residential and commercial buildings. Aluminum is also highly suitable in sub-zero temperatures, making it a great option for areas with a lot of snow.

Aluminum panels

Product Supply

Aluminum panels
Alumax Panel has acquired extensive experience within the construction, and more specifically, building materials industry over the years.
Differentiating from competitors by supplying a wide selection of the highest quality:

- Phenolic Panels (HPL)

- Fiber Cement Boards

Large-scale residential and commercial developments completed in record time and with a long list of highly satisfied customers and partners, we are confident in the products we supply. A dedicated team of project managers, estimators, engineers, and operators, consistently working to shorten lead times. Focusing on supporting clients along every step of the supply process, ensuring the high-quality building materials reach their destination with incredible efficiency.
This is one of the main points of difference-making Alumax Panel, the preferred supplier amongst daring architects, real estate developers and innovative designers all over North America.

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