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Aluminum panels
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Product Supply

Aluminum panels
Alumax Panel has acquired extensive experience within the construction, and more specifically, building materials industry over the years.
Differentiating from competitors by supplying a wide selection of the highest quality:

- Phenolic Panels (HPL)

- Fiber Cement Boards

Large-scale residential and commercial developments completed in record time and with a long list of highly satisfied customers and partners, we are confident in the products we supply. A dedicated team of project managers, estimators, engineers, and operators, consistently working to shorten lead times. Focusing on supporting clients along every step of the supply process, ensuring the high-quality building materials reach their destination with incredible efficiency.
This is one of the main points of difference-making Alumax Panel, the preferred supplier amongst daring architects, real estate developers and innovative designers all over North America.
expert service

Consultation and Design

With such product versatility, the ideal teams of highly-qualified professionals are an essential part of completing large-scale projects. Toronto’s leading team of estimators, architects, designers, engineers, and installers – will all be working to bring your dream projects to life. Providing material recommendations and 3D modelling from design specifications, and being able to give accurate estimates and project plans to achieve daring interiors and exterior facades.

We have years of experience supplying, designing, manufacturing and installing an array of Aluminum Composite Panels and other premium architectural panels. Whether you are a recent home buyer that is looking to renovate, or a construction industry veteran — at Alumax Panel we have the team to help bring your project to life.

Guiding you through the limitless possibilities of custom designs for daring plans. Including commercial and residential architectural building materials, sidings, porches and columns, accent walls, interior wall decoration and dropped ceilings. 

What sets us apart?

CNC Machining services

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Using some of the most sophisticated 3D scanners and advanced software in the industry, measurements and drafts of your project can be provided in a fraction of the time.

The innovative designs are then used in conjunction with one of the most robust CNC milling machines available in the market today. Providing the fastest delivery of Aluminum Composite Panels, Phenolic Panels, Aluminum Plates, Perforated Metal Panels, and Fiber Cement Boards in the GTA.

Relentlessly innovating and pushing the limits of what can be achieved with ACM Panels and other cladding materials — new finishes, colours, and designs are constantly added to the selection.

Never compromise your aesthetic vision for functionality.

The ability to customize sheet metal and aluminum composite materials makes Alumax Panel one of Toronto’s leading suppliers of ACP—working with clients such as TD, BMO, Hilton, and many of Canada’s top companies.

*Customization and fabrication services are only available for the specific products. 

What sets us apart?

expert service

Product Installation

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Developing and enforcing innovative installation techniques, safely applied to custom homes, residential, and commercial buildings. Alumax’s proprietary installation process improves installation times by up to 30%.

An in-house team of fully certified professionals install Aluminum Composite Panels, Phenolic Panels (HPL), Aluminum Plates, Perforated Metal Panels, and Fiber Cement Boards following Canadian national building codes. With health and safety as one of the company’s core values and zero incidents in Alumax Panel’s history, all installers uphold a safety-first culture. Committed to identifying, addressing, and preventing all hazards that could potentially harm workers and the general public. Managers consistently tracking the workplace for compliance with building codes and going above and beyond to guarantee smooth project completion.

From the shipment of panels and premium construction materials to the full check to ensure quality is never compromised, and end-to-end installation of the material. We manage the entire project, providing a reliable stress-free experience.  

What sets us apart?

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Join acclaimed architects, designers, and developers choosing Alumax materials for high-rise residential buildings, corporate offices, and daring architectural projects today.