Perforated Aluminum Sheets & Panels - Toronto & GTA

When deciding on what perforated aluminum material is going to work best for your project, the material you choose should be intended for the physical environment it will be in, your budget and the specifications of your design. 

The dedicated perforated metal experts at Alumax have the knowledge and experience to know which type of perforated material will work best for your project in Toronto and the GTA. 

The durability and versatility of this material make them great for almost any project. Oftentimes, it can be used to control sound and is perfect for facilities where the emission of sound can be detrimental to the well-being of others. 

Perforated metal panels can be made to fit almost any type of pattern or architectural design that allows you to create something unique.

Oftentimes, architects, engineers and designers will look to perforated metal panels for their building projects, especially for their versatility and aesthetic appeal.

We specialize in Perforated Metal Panels and Sheets

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What are Perforated Metal Panels?

Perforated metal panels, also known as perforated sheet, perforated plate, or perforated screen, is sheet metal that has been manually or mechanically stamped or punched using CNC technology or in some cases laser cutting to create different holes sizes, shapes and patterns.

Alumax Panel supplies Perforated Sheets in a variety of materials, commonly in Aluminum Composite Panels, Aluminum Plate, or Galvanized Metal. The product is widely utilized in structural, architectural for the purpose of air ventilation. Alumax Panel supplies the material in a variety of colours in ACM with in two sizes of 48”x96” and 59”x196” as per availability. For special orders please contact Alumax Sale’s team to assist.


Why Use Perforated Metal Panels?

Perforated metal panels help to limit noise from buildings, which has a detrimental effect on people’s health. Studies show that perforated metals reduce sound levels significantly and that using perforated panels in the facade can save energy drastically. Perforated panels affect heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Perforated Panels can also reduce the effects of solar radiation drastically.

Clients use Alumax Perforated Sheets not only to meet ventilation requirements as per the architectural needs of the building but also to make their designs stand out.

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Technical Specifications

Perforated sheet requirements generally include the sheet thickness and duration, the patterns, the shape of the holes and the pitch that defines the distance between the adjacent perforation and the holes in the next row, as well as the margins in the case of special borders. Here are the types of perforations generally used:

Typical examples of other types of perforations are:

  • Embossed openings
  • Louvered Slots
  • Special shapes (diamonds, oblongs, triangles, etc.)

Spacing for large perforations will be designated by either Centers of Perforations, or by the Open Area required. Spacing for small perforations will be designated by either Centers, or Open Area, or if more practical, by the Number of Perforations to the Square Inch.

Staggered Perforations, both round and square – direction of the stagger will normally be the short dimension of the sheet, as illustrated below:

Screenshot 2021 04 25 at 11.49.07 PM

The figures below illustrate two types of end patterns.
Screenshot 2021 04 25 at 11.49.01 PM

If margins are not specified we will supply material with minimum or no margins. Perforated material with special margins to your requirements can be supplied. The margins for each of the four sides of the sheet should be specified. If close tolerances on the margins are necessary this must be clearly shown.

All Standard sheets can be supplied commercially flat. However, if your job should fall under one of the following categories, it is recommended that you discuss the flatness requirements with Russel Metals before proceeding:

  1. Perforated Sheet with extra-wide margins.
  2. Blank areas required within the perforated area.
  3. Perforated sheets with a very large percentage of open area.
  4. Heavy gauge metal in relation to the size of perforation.
  5. Special Alloys.

Project Showcase

Alumax Panel has worked on a range of innovative projects and partnered with a diverse set of global brands. Working on extensive commercial real estate developments, residential buildings, banks and corporate offices, franchise partnerships, and a multitude of complex architectural feats.

All ventures with one thing in common: exceptional projects built with sophistication.