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Alumax Panel has a rich history of experience in the construction industry and has been involved in the development of many commercial properties, both interior and exterior -. We not only supply materials but have facilitated and developed custom fabrication based on our client’s needs.

We provide full end-to-end services that include, aluminum product supply, consultation and design, customization and fabrication, and product Installation

We pride ourselves on being pioneers in the supply, design, fabrication, installation and implementation of modern designs using aluminum composite panels in ​​custom-made homes, and large-scale residential and commercial buildings.

who we are

A proudly Canadian and family-owned business

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Alumax Panel was founded in the hopes of innovative and versatile construction materials, meticulously optimizing every detail of the design, fabrication, distribution, and installation process.

The first company in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to apply aluminum composite panels (ACP) on the facade of custom-made homes, to now completing large-scale residential and commercial projects. Years of vast experience, unwavering commitment toward customer satisfaction, zero tolerance for quality variations, and continuous product innovation, have paved the road for Alumax’s success. 

Alumax Panel workers

Toronto's leading suppliers of ACM Panels

With a dedicated team of industry experts and construction professionals contributing to research and development, the Alumax team is now one of Toronto’s leading suppliers of aluminum composite panels (ACP) and aluminum composite material (ACM). Now expanding the products offered to include aluminum plates, phenolic panels (HPL), fiber cement boards and perforated panels.

All products supplied by Alumax comply with international standards and are available to clients across Canada and the United States. Premium materials are tested by accredited labs and third-party institutions, with every performance indicator surpassing international bars. Inspiring architects and designers to reach for daring aesthetics while guaranteeing the safety and durability of its materials.

Bringing advanced building materials to Canada

Underscoring this demanding journey for product excellence, Alumax Panel’s manufacturing plants and offices are equipped with some of the leading technology and machinery in the industry today, guaranteeing unmatched quality standards. Seamless production and efficiency in fabrication reduce upwards of 8 weeks of lead time from standard timeline estimates. All of this is supplemented by a proprietary installation process that saves up to 30% of the time.

With environmental sustainability at the forefront as one of the company’s values, Alumax uses recycled base materials to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact. Developing structural envelope technologies while still building for a low carbon world.

Simply put:
We supply, fabricate, design, and install custom aluminum composite panels for residential and commercial projects.

Our goal is to help you bring your dream projects to life

We offer a diverse set of high-quality building materials, while keeping costs low and installations fast. With an innovative vision, we maintain our search for the most advanced and efficient products in the global industry, bringing them into the Canadian market, and giving clients vast options in design, colour, and texture. Our goal is to help you bring your dream projects to life.

Throughout North America, distinguished developers, architects, builders, contractors, and designers, are choosing Alumax Panel’s aluminum composite materials to redefine modern architecture with distinct sophistication. Let us help shape your vision and bring your complex projects to life with our unmatched selection of products, colour variety, and an array of finishes.

Core Value: Health & Safety

As one of the core values at Alumax Panel, health and safety stand as our utmost priority for our employees and stakeholders. With an extensive track record and ZERO incidents to date, the company upholds the utmost standards for safety procedures. Ensure all personnel are adequately trained with the necessary skills, providing a safe environment for all fabricators, installers, customers, and partners on job sites.

At Alumax Panel, our goal is to complete some of the most daring architectural projects, supplying the highest quality exterior building materials — all while providing workplace awareness to prevent job-related injuries and illnesses. Upholding a safety-first culture, we are committed to identifying, addressing, and preventing all hazards within our shop and on job sites that could potentially harm workers and the general public. Developing dynamic health and safety training objectives for all staff and employees, and continually tracking the workplace for compliance with legislative requirements to achieve excellent operating practices at all times.

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Offering unmatched warranties on all staple building envelope systems, as well as guaranteeing the coating and finishing quality.
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Striving to push the limits in the design, supply, and installation of architectural and decorative cladding products.
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Providing clients with the highest quality while minimizing industry carbon footprints for future generations, through sustainable practices.
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All products are rigorously tested. Approved against a multitude of technical and safety standards. One of which is the reputable ASTM International.
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Fire Certification

Our team at Alumax Panel ensures a fully compliant, safe, and efficient installation. We take no chances when it comes to fire certification, adhering strictly to the most prominent and essential regulations including those of the NFPA and ULC.

Fire certification compliance extends to everything from our training and employee education to skillsets, demonstratable knowledge of optimal processes and approaches, and installation appropriateness. We don’t overlook any critical details and are precision-focused on ensuring your project is completed with all the right precautions in place.