Aluminum Plates & Metal Wall Panels - Toronto & GTA

Alumax panels offer aluminum plates and metal wall panels used for architectural designs for buildings looking to increase their aesthetic appearance. Aluminum plates are used in a variety of applications as the options are endless.

You can create unique shapes or give your building a sleek and elegant look that is great for modern building design. Metal wall panels are becoming increasingly popular in Toronto and the GTA for both commercial and residential buildings because of the versatility and flexibility they can be used for.

We specialize in Solid Aluminum Plates



What are Aluminum Plates?

The fundamental material for high rise residential and commercial developments.

Alumax Aluminum Plates are some of the most robust architectural materials in the North American construction market. Made from solid aluminum, they seamlessly integrate with pre-existing facades and provide the versatility of aluminum composite materials (ACM), giving the plates a flat aesthetic appeal while maintaining structural density.

Leading architects and developers are consistently using Aluminum Plates within specialized projects due to its dent and high impact resistance. Firmly protecting from high winds and surrounding environmental elements making it optimal for mid to high-rise building exteriors, and commercial facade applications. 


Why Use Aluminum Plates?

Aluminum Plates from Alumax Panel can be bent to fit unusual shapes, or milled with acute edges and narrow angels, extending the application to fulfill an array of interior design functions. Alumax offers an unlimited selection of colours, and develops custom Aluminum Plates to perfectly match any required colour.

Join acclaimed architects, designers, and developers choosing Alumax Aluminum Plates for mid to high-rise residential buildings, corporate offices, and daring architectural projects today. 


color chart

Available in an unmatched selection of colours

We offer Aluminum Plates with special finishes and bespoke designs catered to individual residential and commercial projects in addition to our wide array of colours and textures.

Didn’t find your exact colour match?

We develop custom Alumax Aluminum Plates to match your exact brand or requested color. With a speed unequalled in the industry and guaranteed for an exact match, Alumax Aluminum Plates are the exterior cladding material you have been searching for.

Reach out to our professional team with your colour specifications, and we will get started on your bespoke panels today.

Fireproof Features of the Panel
Test itemTest method Technical indexTest result
Minimum length after burningGB/T8625-88>0 mm 410 mm
Average length after burning GB/T8625-88= 150 mm 486 mm
Average gas temperatureGB/T8625-88= 200 mm110 mm
Height of top of flameGB/T8625-88< 150mm 15 mm
Gas density gradeGB/T8626-88=7534
Gas toxicity GB/T8627-8825.0 25.0
Mechanical Features of the Panel
Panel thickness-Mm4.00
Aluminum thickness -mm0.50
Tensile strengthD638PSI5500
Yield strength D638 PSI3800
Thermal deformation tempD648∙C>105 ∙C
Flexural rigidity C393-14.0x 105
Shearing resistance D732Kgf/mm2
Smoke developed E84 -Passed
Wind- pressure resistanceE330- Passed
Sound transmission class E90 STC 27
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion D696mm/mm ∙C2.10x10-5
Impact resistanceD732PSI 4000
Flexural elasticity D790Kg/mm24055
Surface Coating Properties of the Panel
Coating thicknessCNS8406M>25.0
GlossD523-89At 60∙20-75
Pencil hardnessD3363-74-2H
Flexibility (T-bend)D4145-83 No Cracking2T no rift
AdhesionD3359-87100∙C 2 hoursNo adhesion loss
Abrasion ResistanceD968-81Falling sand 20 liters/mil 50-80 KTR No Crack
Mortar resistance D605.2-90Test 7.7.2/24 Hrss 24 Hrs. Pat test
Humidity resistance D714-87At 35 ∙ C3000 Hrs. No Blister
Boiling water resistance D3359-B -Passed
Salt spray resistance D117-94Blister- 10 Scribe- 8 3000 Hrs. No Blister
Acid resistance D1308-87 - Passed
Alkali resistance D1308-87 -Passed
Chalk resistanceD4214-89 -Max. chalk= rating of 8

Project Showcase

Alumax Panel has worked on a range of innovative projects and partnered with a diverse set of global brands. Working on extensive commercial real estate developments, residential buildings, banks and corporate offices, franchise partnerships, and a multitude of complex architectural feats.

All ventures with one thing in common: exceptional projects built with sophistication.