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Aluminum panels

ACM Panels

Alumax Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP)
One of the lightest and incredibly versatile cladding systems in the industry, also known as ACM or ACP. Available in a variety of colours, textures, and finishes, with the additional ability to develop bespoke colour matches.
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Aluminum Plates

Alumax Solid Aluminum Plates
The highest impact and wind resistance with non-combustibility, this material comes with added colour versatility and seamlessly integrates with pre-existing facades — giving the plates a flat aesthetic appeal while maintaining structural density.
Cedarminum Siding

Cedarminum Siding

Alumax Panel's Aluminum Wood
Premium aluminum siding with the warm aesthetics of wood. The coating durability of aluminum composite materials without the combustibility and maintenance problems that other materials bring.
Perforated Panels

Perforated Panels

Alumax Perforated Aluminum Sheets

Used to enhance the aesthetics of building facade, these panels offer strong resistance to corrosion and extensive design versatility. Built to meet architectural specifics and able to colour match exact branding guidelines.

Cedar shake siding panels replaced on new house

Fiber Cement Boards

Alumax Fiber Cement Panels
A high quality and adaptable architectural building material for commercial and residential developments. With an unlimited number of colours, textures and finishes to choose from, the boards are ideal for new structural envelope systems and custom facade renovations.
Phenolic Panels

Phenolic Panels

Alumax High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
Multifaceted panels with great resistance to fire, low formaldehyde content, flexural tensile strength, and unwavering dimensional stability. All reinforced with thermosetting cellulose fibres and finished with pigmented resins.
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Aluminium Accessories

A variety of accessories available to assist in completing a facade installation system both in fabrication as well as installation process. Aluminum Accessories include extruded profiles, shims, screws, CNC bits and other applicable tools to assist in fabrication and installation process.