We specialize in Aluminium Accessories


What are Aluminium Accessories?

Alumax Panel’s range of accessories includes products of unparalleled ergonomics and enhanced durability that offer great aesthetics. All solutions have been carefully chosen and developed as Alumax Panels’ parts, providing our customers with an extensive range of architectural solutions.

A variety of accessories available to assist in completing a facade installation system both in fabrication as well as installation process. Aluminum Accessories include extruded profiles, shims, screws, CNC bits and other applicable tools to assist in fabrication and installation process. 



Alumax Panel supplies a variety of cladding accessories including rivets to assist architectural material fabricators in ensuring their products are shaped in the angles designed. 

Alumax Rivets are available in a variety of finishes from mill to painted to avoid taking the attention away from the aesthetics of the architectural cladding material on buildings. Alumax Rivets are applicable for material like Aluminium Composite Materials (ACM). Our team is here to answer all your questions, contact us to know more!

Aluminum Corner Brackets

Alumax brackets assist sheet metal fabricators to mechanically fasten various corners together to ensure panels are shaped in a sharp 90 degree angle. All Alumax Corner Brackets are made from premium quality aluminium to preserve their strength in the long term. Mill finished colour is the demanded Corner Brackets, but Alumax Panel offers a variety of finishes.

Alumax Clips

Alumax Clips are an essential part of any wall panelling system to assist Architectural material installers like ACP, or Aluminum Plates to safely fasten panels to the building’s substrate material, whether on Sub-girts or simply on the framing studs.

Alumax J-Starter (J-trim)

Alumax J-Trims are used to protect panel’s unfinished edges. With a variety of application surfaces such as around doors, bottom and sides of windows and even on top of the windows to keep the aesthetics and provide continuity between the panels installed and the windows.

Extrusion perimeter

Alumax Panel research and development team of experts have designed a series perimeter extrusions for wall panelling systems in order to assist Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) installers in applying panels in 1/3 of the usual time. All Alumax Perimeters are mill finished and available in custom lengths. Contact our team of experts to know more.

Project Showcase

Alumax Panel has worked on a range of innovative projects and partnered with a diverse set of global brands.

From commercial real estate developments, residential buildings, banks and corporate offices, franchise partnerships, and a multitude of complex architectural feats.