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Cedar shake siding panels replaced on new house


What are Cedarminum Siding Panels?

Cedarminum by Alumax Panel is a premium aluminum siding with the warm textures of wood. A combination of aluminum’s durability with the contemporary aesthetics of wood, bringing a sophisticated look to any building. With low maintenance benefits adding to the differentiation over the use of real wood paneling, making it a more economic long-term solution.

The premium wood tones, and textured panels have multiple application systems, meaning that they can be applied to both exterior and interior projects. Alumax’s Cedarminum Siding Panels are a new and groundbreaking wood look metal within the cladding industry. 

why use cedarminum

Cedarminum is the new wood –
with better durability, resistance, and non-combustion

Phenolic Panels

Cedarminum Siding is Alumax Panel’s newest addition to its array of high-quality architectural materials. Diverse versatility in application from smaller residential to mid-rise developments, and the extensive selection of colours with the addition of customization make it the ideal wood look metal panels. 

Removing all of the hindrances that real wood brings, Alumax Cedarminum Siding is non-combustible, pest and infestation-resistant, and seamlessly integrates with pre-existing facades.

color chart

Available in an unmatched selection of colours

We offer special finishes and bespoke designs catered to individual projects in addition to our wide array of colours and textures.

Alumax Cedarminum Profiles

cedarminium cut profile-47

APCM Profile

Height: 4″
Material: Aluminum

cedarminium cut profile-48

APCM Wide Profile

Height: 6″
Material: Aluminum

Alumax Cedarminum Accessories


Height: various
Material: Aluminum
Available in all finishes


Height: various
Material: Aluminum
Available in all finishes


Height: various
Material: Aluminum
Available in all finishes


Height: various
Material: Aluminum
Available in all finishes


Height: various
Material: Aluminum
Available in all finishes


Technical Specifications

All products supplied by Alumax comply with international standards and are available to clients across Canada and all of North America.

Alumax Cedarminum Siding profiles are available in both 4” and 6” widths and 10’ to 24’ lengths. The available trims for corner applications and the v-groove structure of the profiles gives the possibility for the material to interlock with each other while they can be installed horizontally and vertically.

The Cedarminum 4” ventilated panel allows for a seamless integration of the profile, with the added benefit of indoor temperature moderation and the prevention of moisture buildup. Meaning that there is no need for concern on molding or warping on the panels, supporting the maintenance-free advantage and long-term economic solution. 

Cedarminum Aluminum Wall Cladding
Orientation Vertical/ Horizontal
Profile Thickness0.055'' (1.4mm) / 0.071'' (1.8 mm)
Height4'' (102 mm) / 6'' (152 mm)
Finishing Texture Smooth/ Textured
Cedarminum Aluminum Soffit Cladding
TypeExtruded/ Regular
Orientation ​Vertical/ Horizontal ​
Profile Thickness0.055'' (1.4mm) / 0.071 inch (1.8 mm)
Width1.5'' (38 mm) / 2.5'' (65 mm)
Panel Depth5/8'' (16 mm)
TypeReveal Joint / Tongue & Groove

Project Showcase

Alumax Panel has worked on a range of innovative projects and partnered with a diverse set of global brands. Working on extensive commercial real estate developments, residential buildings, banks and corporate offices, franchise partnerships, and a multitude of complex architectural feats.

All ventures with one thing in common: exceptional projects built with sophistication.