Why We Need Modern Homes

Traditionally speaking, a home is somewhere to rest your head at night, cook when hungry, and bathe when dirty. There was no real requirement for the design other than the fact that it needed to be able to resist the elements. As time goes on, more and more features were added, some made for luxury, others for necessity. Currently sitting in 2018, homes provide more than just a shelter over your head and the recent fad of “modern homes” is taking over.

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For these newly developed houses, a huge part of the design is sustainability which we would suggest is becoming one of the most important factors when building a home. There are many ways of achieving a sustainable living space such as efficient appliances, renewable energy, down to the materials we use in construction.

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The modern home not only is effective in it’s environmental and ecological impact but boast beauty and aesthetically pleasing design for all. The most common denominator among these homes derived from its exterior facade, which in most cases, uses a new material which is constantly developing called Aluminum Composite Paneling. ACP for short is an aluminum cladding which is easy to use, install, and fabricate making it one of the most versatile and cost-efficient building materials to this day.

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Why is this material so important? ACP or ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) is manufactured with two aluminum sheets sandwiching a filling interior, usually polyethylene or corrugated aluminum. This means the panels are not only recyclable but can be made from completely recycled materials and be used over and over again. ACM is not only environmentally friendly but it is extremely safe as well. ACM does not combust and requires spacers between exterior wall and cladding, providing a second level of protection that not only to contain, if one were to occur, fires from escaping but preventing oxygen from entering as well.

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ACM is unique in its look as it can provide a contrast that can bring out the features in other aspects of your home like windows, doors, and lighting while being beautiful to look at on its own. You are also not left to building traditional square designs that are less pleasing to look at but rather a multitude of designs and shapes giving an edge to projects that require a unique persona.

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