Why is Aluminum Composite Panel (ACM) Trending in the Construction Industry?

Between 2019 and 2023 there is expected to be a drastic growth in the use of Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) in the industry. The material is a composition of two thin sheets of Aluminum surrounding either side of the low-density core comprised of mineral or polyethylene material- forming a composite. ACM itself is lightweight and strong making it suitable to be used as a cladding or facade material of buildings/homes, insulation, and signage.

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Maintenance Free / Diversity in Design

The material itself is low on costs, which saves customers a significant sum of money. It is easy to shape into a variety of designs making it a versatile maintenance-free product.

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Rapid Installation

The panels are easily installed in any direction allowing for individual panels to be effortlessly replaced. Unlike most similar cladding such as fiber cement boards, ACM is lighter in weight; the light nature of the material makes it easy to install resulting in a speedy and effortless installation process. The quick and easy installation process helps save time and lowers the cost of service all while providing top quality products.

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Suitable for Canadian Weather

The growth in popularity of the material has to do with a few other beneficial features such as easy installation, high rigidity, chemical, corrosion resistance, & UV resistance. In addition, it is also waterproof and resistant to harsh conditions such as acids, alkali salts, and pollution.

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ACM comes with a 20-year warranty on all their materials. The combination of Aluminum and mineral materials allows the material to achieve its high resistance to chipping, scratching and denting therefor leaving your material always looking fresh.

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Add Value to Your Home

ACM offers a range of attractive colours customized to your unique ideas. Along with the variety of choices in its colour palette – the flat panel is also perfect for an appealing, modern, and slick interior or exterior design.


Environmentally Friendly

The material is eco-friendly due to its recyclable and reusable factors which are expected to help the material gain significant traction within the market throughout the years to come.

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