Types of Façade Designs and Interfaces

The façade is one of the most important features of any structure because it impacts the appearance of the building as well as how well it performs. And thanks to innovative technology, there are many unique options available that can enhance the aesthetics, durability, and energy efficiency of the materials and structure. 

Let’s explore some of the most common types of modern façade designs that are available today.

Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum composite panels (ACPs) are widely used on the external cladding of structures. These flat panels are very durable and rigid due to the thermoplastic core bonds that are sandwiched between aluminum sheets. This makes them incredibly strong and lightweight. Another perk of using ACP is its versatility. They can be designed to look completely different than aluminum. In fact, they can mimic the look of marble, wood, and many other materials. The aluminum can also be painted in any colour or customized with unique patterns. Despite being an excellent material for external facades, ACPs can also be used indoors in just about any application, such as partitions.

Cedarminium Panels

Wood was a popular material that was commonly used back in the day. But due to its organic composition, it was far more susceptible to rot and decay. As such, other materials that wouldn’t deteriorate or weaken as easily were generally preferred. However, modern advancements have drastically transformed and improved the durability, strength, and weather-resistance of wood today. Cedarminium is a prime example of this. By combining the durability of aluminum with the beauty of wood, it offers an innovative, elegant and modern option for external use. Aside from having the authentic appearance of wood grain, it’s also water resistant, maintenance-free, noncombustible, and can be customized. Cedarminium is also 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly option.

Aluminum Plates

For unusually shaped buildings with narrow angles or unique edging, aluminum plates are an ideal option. This robust material is a popular choice for modern buildings due to its hardiness and versatility. It’s made of solid aluminum and can be bent, shaped, or milled as required. It also holds strong against any intense winds and harsh weather elements, making it suitable for mid or high rise buildings in locations where the climate can be more extreme. Aluminum panels can easily integrate with existing facades and can be completely customized for different designs as well. It’s a suitable choice for areas that need a very weather proof material that’s also impact resistant and non-combustible. 

Perforated Metal Panels and Sheets

Just as the name suggests, this type of metal paneling is literally manufactured with a perforated design. This means that holes have been laser cut into the metal, which can be adjusted in various sizes and shapes. One of the main reasons why it’s such a popular material that’s used today is due to the enhanced ventilation it provides. In addition to improved air flow for buildings, this perforated design is corrosion resistant, easy to install, and low maintenance. Plus, it helps to reduce ambient noise and solar radiation, making it more comfortable and energy efficient. 

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