Architectural Panel Design
Toronto & GTA

Alumax Panel offers architectural panel consultation and design to homeowners interested in modern architecture or to commercial construction professionals. We specialize in providing our customers with innovative architectural solutions for residential and commercial construction in Toronto and the GTA. 

Alumax Panel can take your concept and bring it to life and we will not only provide fabrication of the material but we provide project management services. In addition, we also provide material recommendations, 3D modeling, project specifications, estimates and project planning to help you achieve the exterior look of your building. Our architectural cladding material is high-quality and we provide product installation services in Toronto and in the GTA.

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Consultation and Design

With such product versatility, the ideal teams of highly-qualified professionals are an essential part of completing large-scale projects. Toronto’s leading team of estimators, architects, designers, engineers, and installers – will all be working to bring your dream projects to life. Providing material recommendations and 3D modelling from design specifications, and being able to give accurate estimates and project plans to achieve daring interiors and exterior facades.

We have years of experience supplying, designing, manufacturing and installing an array of Aluminum Composite Panels and other premium architectural panels. Whether you are a recent home buyer that is looking to renovate, or a construction industry veteran — at Alumax Panel we have the team to help bring your project to life.

Guiding you through the limitless possibilities of custom designs for daring plans. Including commercial and residential architectural building materials, sidings, porches and columns, accent walls, interior wall decoration and dropped ceilings. 

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Join acclaimed architects, designers, and developers choosing Alumax materials for high-rise residential buildings, corporate offices, and daring architectural projects today.