Custom Architectural Cladding Fabrication Toronto & GTA

Alumax Panel provides customized modern cladding fabrication for all your residential and commercial projects in Toronto and the GTA. Our fabrication process gives us the freedom to custom-produce architectural cladding for any project.

Our architectural cladding solutions provide an aesthetic finish but also provide durability that is easy to install. Our aim is to provide clients with the freedom and flexibility to create their own vision and we help them bring it to life. 

Our cladding material comes in several different finishes that give it a modern, appealing look but still meets rigorous safety standards and will withstand the harshest weather conditions. You will feel at ease knowing our panels will be custom-tailored to your specifications.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Using some of the most sophisticated 3D scanners and advanced software in the industry, measurements and drafts of your project can be provided in a fraction of the time.

The innovative designs are then used in conjunction with one of the most robust CNC milling machines available in the market today. Providing the fastest delivery of Aluminum Composite Panels, Phenolic Panels, Aluminum Plates, Perforated Metal Panels, and Fiber Cement Boards in the GTA.

Relentlessly innovating and pushing the limits of what can be achieved with ACM Panels and other cladding materials — new finishes, colours, and designs are constantly added to the selection.

Never compromise your aesthetic vision for functionality.

The ability to customize sheet metal and aluminum composite materials makes Alumax Panel one of Toronto’s leading suppliers of ACP—working with clients such as TD, BMO, Hilton, and many of Canada’s top companies.

*Customization and fabrication services are only available for specific products. 

What sets us apart?

Transform your next project

Join acclaimed architects, designers, and developers choosing Alumax materials for high-rise residential buildings, corporate offices, and daring architectural projects today.