Aluminum Cladding Panel Installation Toronto & GTA

Alumax Panel provides aluminum cladding panel installation services in Toronto and the GTA. ACM panels are becoming the preferred choice for building construction as there are many benefits to it including durability, flexibility, rigidness, lightweight and more. 

Alumax provides end-to-end installation services and we will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. After you have determined the dimensions of your project you can then start the fabrication process. We will use our advanced tools to cut, fold, bend and drill the material as required ensuring it meets our client’s demands. Weather barriers are installed to protect the structure and ensure it is waterproofed. At this point, the mounting systems are used to ensure the ACM Panels are all aligned before the cladding board is installed. 

The final step in the installation process is to install the panels onto the mounting system. We will ensure that the ACM Panels are then sealed ensuring no leakage during rainy weather. Alumax Panel is your trusted ACM panel installation expert and we provide quality finishes that are fully customizable at competitive prices.

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Product Installation

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Developing and enforcing innovative installation techniques, safely applied to custom homes, residential, and commercial buildings. Alumax’s proprietary installation process improves installation times by up to 30%.

An in-house team of fully certified professionals install Aluminum Composite Panels, Phenolic Panels (HPL), Aluminum Plates, Perforated Metal Panels, and Fiber Cement Boards following Canadian national building codes. With health and safety as one of the company’s core values and zero incidents in Alumax Panel’s history, all installers uphold a safety-first culture. Committed to identifying, addressing, and preventing all hazards that could potentially harm workers and the general public. Managers consistently track the workplace for compliance with building codes and go above and beyond to guarantee smooth project completion.

From the shipment of panels and premium construction materials to the full check to ensure quality is never compromised, and end-to-end installation of the material. We manage the entire project, providing a reliable stress-free experience.  

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