Canaroma Bath and Tile

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Canaroma, along with a fantastic team, provide luxurious products and a unique experience.  This 20,000 sq. ft. state of the art showroom is located on highway 400 and 401, a very busy highway with visibility of thousands who drive by daily.

A family-owned business, just as Alumax Panel, gave us a great opportunity for the two companies to work together.  We shared our innovative and unique ideas, using our silver black panels to make it the most noticeable, modern and sleek retail building in the area.

The quality of the finishes along with the quality of the cladding material, makes these panels stand out.  Aluminum composite materials are available in solid colours, metallic coatings, wood finishes, stone patterns and vibrant colours, making them a great choice for any commercial or residential building exterior.

Location 25 Torbarrie Road, North York
MATERIAL USED: Alumax Silver Black ACM Panels

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Construction infrastructure is in constant flux, with new innovations entering the industry on an almost weekly basis. It can get overwhelming, to choose the right contractor. Luckily for Aluminum Composite Materials, you have an easy choice. 

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