Our Guide to Aluminum Design

Designing and constructing a modern building requires materials that offer superior durability and performance, while also providing an overall aesthetic value. Traditionally, the go-to for builders were wood and steel. But over the last several years, builders have seen the cost of these materials skyrocket, and at the same time, they’ve been required to work within tighter budgets. Fortunately, there is one material that can provide an affordable alternative, even with the recent economic conditions– and that’s aluminum. Aluminum composite materials (ACM) and more specifically, aluminum composite panels (ACP), offer the same durability as metal and steel, but with many additional benefits for builders today. Learn more about engineered aluminum composite materials and how they can offer a sleek and cost-effective alternative to traditional materials in our guide to aluminum design. 

What Are Aluminum Composite Panels?

Aluminum composite panels consist of two aluminum sheets attached to a non-aluminum core. The core is typically made of an extruded thermoplastic or mineral-filled thermoplastic core that is fire retardant in design. The surface is then prefinished and coated in paint before bonding. 

Why Choose ACP?

ACM panels are extremely versatile and affordable. They come in a variety of finishes and thicknesses, allowing them to be used in a number of ways. The panels can be curved, folded, and fabricated into a variety of different shapes without losing their rigid material quality. ACPs are also flat, lightweight and easy to attach. These properties make aluminum composite the perfect material to be used as cladding because they will save builders time and money in labour costs. In fact, aluminum panels are one of the most cost-effective materials available to date. 

Just because these panels are affordable, it doesn’t mean they’re flimsy or lacklustre in design. ACPs are highly durable and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, the materials used are both fire and corrosion-resistant. This adds a layer of safety that wood cannot. They’re also impervious to scratches, UV rays and rainwater stains, making aluminum composite an excellent option in harsh weather conditions. The original look will not easily fade either. The aluminum panels will maintain the quality of the paint for 15-25 years. 

Speaking of paint, there are various colours to choose from in addition to different textures that mimic wood, stone and metal. ACPs are available in an unlimited range of colours and finishes, allowing builders to match the colour and style to the exterior or interior.

The panels are also easy to maintain and simple to clean. Dirt and dust can be easily wiped away without any special detergents or materials. And when it’s time to remove the panels for something else, they can be 100% recycled. Aluminum composite is eco-friendly and sustainable, as well as energy-efficient. 

When to Use Aluminum Design?

The structural integrity and extremely lightweight design make aluminum design a top choice for both interior and exterior use. The panels are also truly flat and conceal the fasteners, providing a more modern look. The material is a top choice for residential homes, office buildings, storefronts or other commercial properties.  When architects are looking to design a building to match a brand’s colours, they will often turn to ACM panels. Since they can be easily customized into different shapes, ACP sheets can also be used in a number of interior applications including column coverings, pillars, office patricians, and more.

If you’re looking for affordable building material for your next construction project, the aesthetic, futuristic design of ACPs will not only make your property look more elegant, but will also provide additional value. Reach out to us with your architectural design today and we’ll provide you with a great range of designs and patterns for your building. 

From design to fabrication to installation, Alumax Panel is your aluminum design team for all your exterior and interior building needs. 

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