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The largest and most unique selection of Aluminum Composite Mosaic Tiles. Save significant installation time and labour cost with our self installable peel and stick tiles. No grouting, no sanding, no mess. water proof, maintenance free, and durable. Comes with a 10 year warranty!


Alumax tiles have a surface made of Aluminum Composite, a polyethylene core and a forever lasting M3 glue in the back.

Width: 325 (mm)
Length: 325 (mm)
Thickness: 4 (mm)


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Installation Guide

Step 1: The wall must be flat and clean. If applied on cement directly, water proof painting is needed on the surface. After the painting is completed, dry installation may begin.
Step 2: Rip off the protection film on the back of the piece.
Step 3: Place the mosaic horizontally on the surface.
Step 4: Flatten the surface of the mosaic.
Step 5: Knock on the surface of the mosaic gently with a plastic hammer. Direct hammer strikes are not recommended, use a piece of wood instead.
Step 6: Remove the surface protection film when everything is completed.
Step 7: Clean the surface of mosaic tiles with a dry cloth.
* Note:
A slight difference in colour may happen in different batches of the products. Please verify the colors before installation.